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Risk Management Solution
Risk management is a systematic process for the identification and evaluation of loss exposures faced by an organization or individual, and for the selection and administration of the most appropriate techniques for treating such exposures, including:

-- Avoidance
-- Retention
-- Loss prevention
-- Loss reduction
-- Transfer contractually
-- Transfer through insurance

Your insurance portfolio is derived from your organization's risk management process and the decision about which risks, and how much of each, to transfer to an insurance underwriter.

As your insurance broker, C.M.S Insurance Brokers provides risk management solutions to help you identify and quantify your risks so that you can ultimately make critical decisions about dealing with them. We can then move to the next step of rationalizing your insurance portfolio to ensure your exposures are covered adequately.

Risk management solutions can be provided on a long-term basis to ensure you are protected against losses as your business evolves and new risks emerge
RFQ & Negotiation
When we request for quotation from insurers, we do so because we have current market intelligence about each insurer's strengths in coverage and service. Thus, we solicit quotations only from the strongest insurance underwriters who will be able to deliver on their commitment to our clients.

C.M.S Insurance Brokers negotiates aggressively on behalf of its clients for comprehensive coverage and value-based rates. We have been able to negotiate innovative coverage for our clients using our technical skills, creativity, and negotiating power with insurance underwriters.
Quotation Evaluation & Recommendation
C.M.S Insurance Brokers returns to the client equipped with several quotations and written evaluations and recommendations about which quotation makes sense for the client. The client can then consider the recommendation and make a final decision, always having the option of asking for another round of negotiation on terms and rates.
Policy Placement
When the decision is finally made to place the policy with an insurer, C.M.S Insurance Brokers submits all relevant documents and the premium cheque on your behalf and follows up to ensure you receive the cover note and/or policy within a reasonable period of time.
Policy Scrutiny
Policy scrutiny is necessary to ensure that the policy issued to you adheres to the proposal form sent to the underwriter. Careless and unnoticed omissions- which can easily occur in a lengthy document- could jeopardize your right to claim indemnity. All our clients' policies are scrutinized against a comprehensive checklist to ensure that every detail is correct and every clause is included. Only then do we forward the policy to you.

At C.M.S Insurance Brokers, policy scrutiny is part of a rigorous system carefully designed to deliver exceptional and error-free service to our clients
Policy Administration
From collecting your cheque and depositing it with the underwriter, to ensuring all endorsements are made on time, to tracking your renewal dates, we take care of all the administrative work so your staff can focus on running your business.
Administrative services complimentary to all our clients.
-- Maintenance of all policies with various underwriters.
-- Tracking and notification of renewal dates.
-- Cheque collection and deposit with insurer.
-- Maintenance of claim history.
-- Hiring surveyor and submitting report to underwriter.
-- Assistance in making monthly declarations.
-- Assistance in getting endorsements and amendments.
-- Providing updates on regulatory changes and statutory requirements.
We are your single window with your insurers, relieving you of the time-consuming paper chase and record keeping.
Claims Management & Assistance
-- Develop Standard Operating Procedure to deal with the claims.
-- Focus on prompt filing of claim & investigation to ensure quick and Cost-effective settlement.
-- Complete end-to-end service starting from notification of claim to investigation /survey to negotiations till the final settlement
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